At Nordik Meats, we are dedicated to our customers and have options to customize your experience with common and trending pork meat cuts. Below is a guideline to help understand meat cut offerings prior to placing your order with cutting instructions.

Loin: This can be cut into all chops, all roasts, or roast of one or each end and the center into chops. The average roast is 3 pounds. The average thickness for chops is 1/2” – 3/4”. There are approximately 20 – 30 chops in an average loin if the loin is cut into all chops. 

Shoulder: This can be cut into all roasts, all steaks, or a combination of both. The average roast side is 3 pounds. The average thickness for steaks is 1/2”. There are approximately (4) 3 pound roasts and 12 – 14 steaks from a whole hog. 

Ham/Bacon: The ham and bacon must be smoked in order to taste like ham or bacon, otherwise it will taste like a regular pork roast. Smoked meat takes about 3 weeks longer to process than fresh meat. Ham options: Whole, half, in 3 or 4 pieces, and/or center slices for ham steaks. Bacon options: Sliced or in chunks. 

Hocks/Neck Bones: The hock and neck bones can either be saved or trimmed for sausage. They can be fresh or smoked.  

Lard: Can be ground, rendered to lard or left in lump form.

Head/Jowl: These are typically trimmed for sausage meat, but the jowl may be saved and smoked. 

Liver: Liver can be saved as a chunk or made into liver sausage. 

Sausage Options: Sausage 1 pound packages (Breakfast Seasoning or Plain), Bratwurst (Fresh or Smoked).

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