At Nordik Meats, we have a variety of positions available for individuals looking to work with a growing company that prides itself in supplying quality products that producers take pride in raising. We are a federally inspected facility that adheres to USDA guidelines and strive to maintain a high-end facility for our employees and customers.

Below is a list of general positions at Nordik Meats. If you are interested in applying for a position, please email your resume to or fill out the below information and submit it to our company.

Open Positions:

Meat Cutting & Machine Operations: This position will cut meat and help in running specific machines for processing meat based on customer requests. Computer skills are required.

Sanitation: This position is vital in system operations including leading our sanitation processes to help the business run smoothly.

Other Potential Positions:

Sausage Maker: This position will be instrumental to providing overall preparation and smoking of beef and pork meats for customers based on their orders. This includes: handle, select, prepare and formulate recipe ingredients in the production of sausage or processed items, monitor temperatures of products during controlled stages, and cut, smoke and cure pork products. HACCP knowledge is preferred but not required.

Meat Cutter Apprentice: This position will have exceptional butcher skills to join our butchering team. In this role, you will break down beef, pork, lamb and other meat products into various cuts before weighing out portions directed by customer requests. You will also help prepare specialty items, such as sausages and cured meats. You must follow all federal inspection guidelines as well as safety and manufacturing sanitation guidelines. Prior meat cutting experience or training strongly preferred.

If you are interested in the available positions at Nordik Meats, fill out the below information or give us a call at 608-634-4604.

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