At Nordik Meats, we are dedicated to our customers and have options to customize your experience with common and trending beef meat cuts. Below is a guideline to help understand meat cut offerings prior to placing your order with cutting instructions.

Rump/Tip Roasts: The average size of a roast is 3#. The tip roast is boneless. The rump roast is boneless. There are approximately 2 tip and 4 rump roasts per half of beef.

Chuck Section: The average size roast is 3#. There are approximately 8 – 10 roasts per half of beef.

Prime Rib Section: Prime rib can be made into steaks, roast, or steaks and roasts. The average thickness on steaks is 3/4” and there is a minimum of 2 steaks per package. There are approximately 12 steaks or 8 steaks with a roast per half of beef. 

T-bone/Porterhouse/Sirloin: The average thickness of steaks is 3/4”. T-bones and Porterhouses are packaged 2 per package. Sirloins are packaged 1 per package. There are approximately 8 – 10 steaks per half of beef.

Round Section: The round section can be made into round steaks, cubed steaks, or both. If none of the options are appealing, the round can be boneless roasts, jerky, or ground beef. 1 round steak is equivalent to 5 cubed steaks. There are approximately 8 – 10 round steaks per half of beef.

Ground Beef: Ground beef is put in 1 pound packages. Optionally, hamburger patties are available in either 1/4 (4 per pack), 1/3 (3 per pack), or 1/2 (4 per pack) pounds and packed in 1 pound packages. There are approximately 40 – 60 pounds of hamburger per half of beef.

Stew: Stew meat can be cut from beef. The stew meat comes from the leaner trim and reduces the amount of ground beef available.

Soup Bones: Soup bones can be saved or trimmed for ground beef.

Short Ribs: Short ribs can be saved or trimmed for ground beef. There are approximately 4 packages per half of beef.

Liver: A section of liver can be saved as chunks or sliced.

Heart/Tongue/Oxtail: The heart, tongue, and/or oxtail can be saved from the beef.

Brisket: Brisket is available in whole or half pieces, otherwise it goes into ground beef. 

Sausage: Summer sausage, beef brats, and beef sticks can be made from the beef.

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